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A family recently found that the energy bills were rising by the day, however, their air conditioner was hardly effective. They initially approached a local AC firm as they assumed that there was an issue with their HVAC unit. The technicians said that the unit was functioning perfectly and the source of the problem was something else. Thereafter, they decided to seek assistance from Fort Lauderdale FL Air Duct Cleaning. They called our air duct specialists to check their ductwork, and the actual source of the problem was detected within just a few minutes. The team of experts traced the source and found that there were discrepancies in the installation process which led to leaks. The team fixed the issue in just a day.

Just as plumbing system, air ducts are mediums through which air transports from one part of the house to another. In case you are suffering with leaky ducts and the ones riddled with holes, it is best to seek assistance from professionals. If you leave the air ducts unattended, it can cause the air to escape and take a toll on your HVAC system. Fort Lauderdale FL Air Duct Cleaning provides the most proficient air duct sealing service in Fort Lauderdale, FL area. We patch up the holes in an advanced manner, that it would be as good as new. Not only will the air loss be prevented, but your air conditioner will operate better than before. Just dial us on 305-489-1331!

How to tell if your air duct is properly sealed?

The ductwork system includes a network of tubes that are installed throughout the house. In case of any glitches you must seek the assistance of professionals, since you can never find the origin of the problem yourself. These professionals employ advanced equipment and proficiency for the same. However, there are some signs of improperly insulated or dripping ducts that you must keep in mind:

  • Sudden rise in energy bills If the HVAC system is not  heating or cooling the room as before
  • In case the rooms in your house feel stuffy
  • Your ducts appear to be bent, crumpled or twisted
  • Your ducts are positioned in the garage, attic, basement or crawlspace

If you have observed any of these indicators, there is a probability that your ductwork is not functioning adequately.

Air duct leaks - Detection and remedy

A recent study reveals that leakages, holes, and incorrectly installed ductworks can lead to the loss of about 20-30% of the air that circulates throughout the system. The common sources of air duct complications are:

  • Grills and registers that are improperly sealed
  • Filter slot and furnace leakage
  • Torn, leaking and disconnected air ducts
  • Severalcrooks in ductwork which hamper airflow

Fort Lauderdale FL Air Duct Cleaning with the help of cutting-edgescrutinizing tools find out the HVAC system’s stream and return air balance. We seal the problem areas and also insulate unconditioned spaces to block heat loss. After identifying the leaks, fixing the same we also ensure that it is insulated adequately so that your HVAC system gets a boost.  

With over two decades in the business, our experts not only have a profound and technical understanding of ductwork systems, but have also developed an innate knowledge. This allows them to resolve the issue within a fraction of time against the other firms who take if not days but at least hours to resolve the issue.

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Often a leaking or disconnected duct may be the cause for your shooting energy bills? If you are a resident in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, reach Fort Lauderdale FL Air Duct Cleaning now and we will resolve the problem. Ring on 305-489-1331 today!